The Military never maltreated any Small Scale miner-AngloGold Ashanti.



The Sustainability Manager for AngloGold Ashanti, Obuasi mine Nana Ampofo Kwesi-Bekoe has refuted claims made by the Small Scale miners in a Press Release stating the military maltreated some of their members last Saturday at Cote’Dor when they went to work as usual.

“No. They didn’t clash with them. They went in to secure the area as usual and some galamseyers who have gone back in there saw them and run away. I just verified and there was nothing like maltreatment or clashes”, Nana Ampofo stated.

Responding to questions from Obuasitoday.com after the Press Conference by the small scale miners on Sunday morning, he said the Relocation letter from the Minerals Commission with the plan of action stated categorically clear the Military should continue to secure the leased concessions.

‘For the avoidance of doubt, areas within the  AGAG Mining lease which has been secured by the military should remain secured while the unauthorized miners in those areas are relocated in accordance with the plan of action developed’ last paragraph of the relocation letter.

Asked whether AngloGold Ashanti have an official statement on the action plan, he added “No. It’s all being handled by the Minerals Commission. They formed the Committee and issued the statement. We are not getting involved now but later”

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