Obuasi: We will stage another Demo if…-Small Scale Miners.

Executives of the Obuasi Artisans Small Scale Miners Association yesterday in a Press Conference threatened to stage another demonstration if the Municipal Chief Executive and Regional Minister do not call AngloGold Ashanti, Obuasi mine to order.

According to the group, AngloGold Ashanti, Obuasi  is going contrary to what was enshrined in  the Minerals Commission’s Relocation Plan which was agreed by all parties concerned  by bringing in the military to intimidate their workers.

“From the Ashanti regional Minster’s office, categorically where this meeting was held, this bodies came in to consensus of relocating and road mapping exercise for Small Scale miners which will take effect till 16th November,2016”, he stated.

Mr. Moro Ayaana who led the Press Conference said the military maltreated a section of their members in the early hours of Saturday, 22 October, 2016.

“On the contrary, on Saturday 22nd October 2016, A.G.A again redefined this symbiotic and cordial peace to bringing soldiers to beat and maltreat Small Scale Miners at the abandoned site. this is hugely unfair and undermines us as citizens of Obuasi-Ghana”, Mr. Ayaana stated.

They seek to throw a word of caution to the Government not to hold them liable for any disturbances that might arise again within the Municipality due to the inactions of AngloGold Gold Ashanti, Obuasi mine.

“We state categorically within the municipality that, the results of this ill-considered decision might again lead to another massive demonstration. With this current impasse, we ask “is A.G.A bigger than Ghana for not abiding by the rules and regulations governing it people OR ‘Is it the current governing body that is helping A.G.A TO DISTROY THE PEACE AND HARMONY OF Obuasiman’

“We need this immediate answer from the office of the Municipal Chief Executive and the Ashanti Regional Minister; else we will not be blamed or held responsible for any inconvenience or misconduct ion”, he stressed.

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