A look at cybersecurity and privacy issues in Ghana


Ghana is officially announced to be a country in Africa that has the fastest Internet connection. The global Internet speed report is issued every year to provide analytical insights into the use of the Internet, the development of this industry all over the world, and potential trends and perspectives that investors might want to consider in future. So, Ghana showed itself as a country #1 in terms of Internet speed.

However, it is obvious that this situation was achieved only because the corresponding businesses were developing in the country, and the businesses, in their turn, would not have developed if the people were not using the Internet extensively.

Therefore, Ghana can also be considered a country in Africa where people use the Internet more than in other parts of Africa. Even South Africa is not a competitor to Ghana. However, this fact raises a lot of important questions, for example, are the people of Ghana aware of all the cybersecurity risks they may face online?

Do they have all the tools for proper protection? They should be aware of the security and privacy of betternet as a tool to keep their sensitive data away from the third parties.

According to Secure Web Gateway, while the Internet in Ghana is the quickest, it does not make this Internet the safest in any way. So, the users should know that in addition to antivirus, they also need to use VPN software. Some may ask what is a vpn? VPNs connect each device – laptop, tablet, smartphone, whatever – to the Internet not directly, but via the intermediate link, that is a remote server, often located in a different country.

After the device connects to the remote server, the connection is then redirected to the website or resource the user initially wanted to access.

But this remote server acts as a barrier between obtaining the IP address and other data the user is displaying on the web. Any observer who will try to spy on the websites the user accesses will hit upon the address of the remote server, and no further.

On the other hand, any malware that can download itself on a device without the user’s being aware will meet the remote server’s protection which is more powerful than that of a private laptop. Any hacker who would like to get the IP address of the user will hit the wall of the security orchestration automation and response software as well.

All these qualities make VPNs and colocation some of the most effective tools for privacy protection and security online. Alas, but today the dangers from automatic malware and live hackers are generally equal, so it is better to use both antivirus and the VPN at the same time.

On the other hand, citizens of Ghana can take advantage of additional opportunities offered by almost any VPN software. These opportunities are often ignored, but some may find them really useful. For example, it always makes sense to connect to the server of the same country where the website is located; watching British Netflix via the British remote server is always a good idea.

Some servers can provide a faster Internet connection, so the users in Ghana can benefit even more. You can search EATEL internet service providers near me to see your options. Certain online services like plagiarism checkers, online dictionaries or grammar checkers, can work better or worse depending on the server, or even provide different search results. So those who freelance or work online a lot should consider those nuances.

By: Dainan Gilmore (An enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a Cryptanalyst for the Bestvpnrating.com)

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