Accra Psychiatric Hospital Rejects New Patients

The Accra Psychiatric Hospital has suspended admissions for new cases, Starr News has learnt.

The hospital has also stopped operations at its Outpatient department.

This is the second time in two months the hospital has had to take such an action over the shortage of food and medical supplies.

A nurse and a member of the hospital’s PR team, Emmanuel Febiri, told Starr News their suppliers are demanding full payment of debts owed them before resuming service to the hospital.

“Our suppliers were expecting that monies owed them are paid to the last penny but that didn’t happen and they are demanding that if their monies are not paid, they won’t supply and even if they pay them all, we equally need money to run the facility. We don’t have money to run the place as we speak now, even common pen to write we don’t. And as a result, we cannot continue to to admit new cases,” he bemoaned.

Source: starrfmonline.com

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