Adansiman History: The Story of Adansi Akrokerri Pt 1.

Adanse is well known in Akan Cosmogony as the place God (Odomankoma) traditionally started creation of the world, hence the expression: ‘Odomankoma created Adanse after the world’.  

The five principal Akan states in Adanse (i.e Akan,-man Piesie Num) in order of seniority were as follows:

1. Adanse Akrokyere (Asakyiri clan),

2. Akyem Abuakwa (Asona clan),

3. Assin Fante-Nyankumase (Asene clan),

4. Denkyira (Agona clan) and

5. Asante (Oyoko clan).

Tradition claims that the early settlers in Adanse were the ancestors of Akrokerri, more properly known as AKYEREKYERE-named after the Akyerekyere stream which takes its source from Bonabuom and flows near the teacher training college at the skirts of the present–town.

Legend has it that the Asakyir clan ancestors originally lived at a place ‘’a long way north’’, most probably in the region south of the Niger Bend. In those days the Mohammedans made persistent attempt to convert their ancestors into Islamic religion. And as they resisted the Muslims embarked upon unprecedented persecautions and rampant torture, where upon their ancestors became desperate and immediately vacated the region in search of peaceful abode.

Consequently, they emigrated south westwards and took refuge in the vicinity of the Kong Mountains, north-eastern part of Cote d’ lvoire where they established KANKYEABO. They built their huts with stones, hence the new settlement derived its name from the practice of erecting hut with stones.

Later, they were joined by other related groups – the Akwamu and Nzema who settled on the Comoe (Kumbu) and N’Zi Rivers which gave them the name Akwamu and Nze-mba (Nzema).respectively.

Traditions relate that the incoming Wangara trading groups became boisterous and later warriors which gradually resulted in the conquest of the Kumbu and Kankyeabo States. The rapid operation compelled. The Asakyir clan ancestors to escape unnoticed and arrived in the portion of the dense forest under the leadership of Ofori Okae Boade and his sister Gyahema.

Their first place of settlement was (OBONYAMESO or BONATIFI) about 3km north of AKROKERI. Here they assumed the name ASAKYIRI for the first time- originally they were ASONA, until a kindred group came to settle at Adanse Adeboye. In those days it was considered a taboo for individual clan members to marry themselves, because they were brothers and sisters, so it was considered incestuous. The group of settlers, therefore, adopted a new name, ASAKYIRI.

While at Obonyameso there was an influx of immigrant who sought permission from Ofori Okae Boade to settle on the land. They were the ancestors of Bretuo clan who originally lived at Hwerebe Kwasaase and now Ayaase; the Asona family under the Bone and Akwaa came to settle came to settle at Kokobiante and Sebenaso in the same neighbourhood; soon the area became densely populated.

The myth is that Ofori Okae Boadi was presented with mystical sword known as AFENA KWAO by a strange monster (Sansabosam) for self-defence which became the Insignia of Authority. It was called Oko-gye-abo, that is the warrior sword that controls the direction of enemies’ bullets.

After a glorious long reign, the founding hero, Nana Ofori Okae Boade, died and was secretly buried at a place described as ‘Boade-da-so’ or BONASO, i.e. the sleeping place of Boade which later became the royal mausoleum.

List of kings:

2.         NANA ASARE ADEKYEE:  The eldest son of Ofori Okae Boadi who continued to rule at Bonatifi. He dispatched about 200 men to the coast to procure cloth and domestic wares from the white merchants.

3.         NANA ABU NYANSA:  Being a great teacher and a wise councillor he introduced great constitutional reforms;  other groups began to imitate him, so the word ‘abu-sua’ came to mean’ limiting Abu’ the honorary title ‘Nyansa’(wisdom) was added to his name, hence ABU NYANSA.  After many years at Bonafiti he moved with his people to another place and founded FOMASE, situated between Bekwai and Pekyi.  Here they built swish houses, which earned them the name ‘Adan-si-fo’ corrupted into ADANSE.

By: Kwame Ampene
(Founder of the Guan Historical Society)

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