Adansiman History: The Story of Adansi Dompoase

The ancestors of the ruling Asene clan of Adansi-Dompoase originated from Adansemanso during the reign of Awurade Basa who ruled the whole Adanse state with the mystical Afuna Kwao, the insignia of authority.
In the course of time, the Denkyira army under Denkyira- Oboasehene, Oboakropa defeated Awurade Basa and Adansemanso was completely destroyed. The ruins are between Edubiase and Masia on the bank of Adomwie Stream.
After Adansi’s fatal defeat, the Akrokerri dominance over the chiefdoms in the area ended, and Adansi became “nkotowa- nkotowa” (i.e autonomous mini- states like the crab living in its own hole).
The founding fathers of Dompoase deserted Adansemanso, and were led by Nana Nduruwaka who was the brother of Awurade Basa. They first settled at Kotobumu, a few kilometres east of Adansemanso, near the hills.
However, another version of the tradition asserts that they were led by Atirakoram and. his two sisters namely, Asififo and Twitwa- Ampadu whose daughter became the first queen-mother at Kotobume and married the Asakyiri clan chief in the neighbouring town, Kusa.
Be this at it may, little or nothing is remembered of the details of the mass exodus of Adansiman. It is alleged that none of the Adansi chiefs took part in a much contested Asante- Denkyira series of battles between 1699 and mid-1701 which Asante emerged victorious and left the towering pride of Denkyira in ashes.
The Adansi chiefs grew suspicious and apprehensive of their own safety. They left their homes desolate and emigrated south- eastwards. They were in Akyem Akokoase as squatters for seven years. Eventually, King Osei Tutu, as an act of grace, invited the Adansi refugees to return home and serve him. It became necessary for them to return and called at Kumasi to become subjects to the Asantehene.
Dompoasehene passed through Kumasi Adontehene to be introduced to the King. Upon arrival the Dompoase resettled at Kotobomu for a few years. Later, they decided to make a permanent home by the trade route in order to contact traders who used to ply the route; so they moved to a distance of about three kilometres away and founded Dompoase under the Domponinin tree. Thus the new settlement derived the name Dompoase.
The following towns have been subjects to the Dompoase stool: Apedua (Kyidom), Medoma (Twafo), Prasu (Akwansra), Menhyia (Adediakyire), Ataase Nkwanta, Kyiaboso, Edwinase and Domposo. Adansi Domposase shares boundaries with chiefs of Sibinso, Ayaase, Kusa and Ahinsan.

Source: The Spectatator.




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