A sectional youth of both the Obuasi West and East districts, the Active Young Democrats, as abbreviated AYD petitions and trumpets the silent voices of the residents of Obuasi, the Office of the President of the Republic of Ghana, drawing his attention to some emerging rots in the Obuasi Municipality (as it was before)

The Situation

Hooking on a brief history, Obuasi is a globally known town for its past records of massive gold mining. A town that was sometime ago a key instrument in our stock exchange and the nation’s revenue pointers. However the development inequality gaps hitting a major percentage of the town’s suburb upon the collapse of the mining company seem to expose the inefficiency of the two district Assemblies in Obuasi.

Be informed Mr. President that not only the boiling youth are furious about these inefficiencies of the Assemblies but as well, the cascading of corruption from higher ranked members in the highest order which in turn shutters their hopes for the any better future for the town.

All in all, four individuals, Hon. Kweku Kwarteng (MP, Obuasi West), Juliet Kwarteng (sister of Hon. Kwarteng), Hon. Adanse Bonnah (DCE, Obuasi West) purportedly the in-law of Hon. Kwarteng and the Presiding Member of the Obuasi West district are continuously fingered at in all activities derailing Obuasi’s vision of immense development and emergence into the limelight.

A leaked document captured in the 2018 Assembly budget showed an eyebrow raising ongoing and completed projects. Four (4) amongst them which caught the attentions of the internal residents, which they have deemed corruptible and cloudy to comprehend.
The specific projects include:
1. Construction of fence wall at the residence of MCE for Obuasi Municipal Assembly costing the Assembly a whooping GHC 131,959.00

2. Reshaping of Mamiwira JN-Abeamu feeder road (4.7km) costing GHC 71,312.40

3. Rehabilitation works on 1 No.4 unit classroom block for Presbyterian primary school at New Nsuta costing GHC 181,848.08

4. Renovation of offices of Obuasi East District Assembly at PTP costing GHC 198,218.35


With project numbered one(1) as listed above, AYD demands the president through the regional ministry probe into the amounts that went into the project since its quality is nothing better than half the amount. The AYD, also draw the President’s attention that the contract was purportedly awarded to the Obuasi West NPP chairman with no avenue for procurement bidding. This, if is the case, asserts a loot and share possibility in the project. A candid call for further investigations into this is indeed something not to overlook.

Project numbered two(2) captures the name Juliet Kwarteng (Obaa Yaa) who is the sister of Hon. Kweku Kwarteng, as the person awarded the contract. This  we saw as an engrossed conflict of interest and perceived arena for loot and share. It should be noted that the worsening part of this situation is, the road has not received any reshaping and therefore signals a misuse of public fund.

Project Numbered three(3) and four(4) only received a painting (poorly and shabbily made in that accord) and roofing only for project three(3). In the case of project four(4), a printer, a photocopier and office furniture were allocated, yet the sum of money sinking into these projects sound astonishing and justifies the overall inflation of the total budget.


The AYD, calls on the President’s to use his executive powers to descend on this urgent situation as landmarked with filth to his integrity and vision to fight corruption. This urgent call to the president do we the AYD resonate publicly that efforts have been made by us, other stakeholders, concerned youths and well wishers of Obuasi to get the Assembly official Heads to release documents and clarify the doubts all of which were discarded and aborted of consideration. We also inform the public the Obuasi District Assemblies have capsulated themselves in a such manner, deterring concerned citizens from seeking information in accordance to probity of any public institution in the Assemblies. The Presiding Member’s emerges here with a recorded voice of his (unconsciously) stated emphatically that no documents he possesses on this budget brouhaha will be given off to concerned residents upon request.

This is a threat to our security and a dent to our relentless efforts of consolidating our democracy going forward.

AYD, notifies the fear the residents find themselves in with the whims and caprices of our leaders in Obuasi for corruptible activities with no fear or tremble. Settling on this, the residents have ascertain a ground swell of the appointment of the DCE, Obuasi West district and fervently ask the president to step him aside for further investigations into the entire budget to proceed.

We the AYD draw our inspiration from Martin Luther King Junior’s quote “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter ” to demand justice for the good people of Obuasi.

We deem it a great honour, for the first time approaching your office and hope your belief into rule of law will be unshakable in this matter.

Supremo Mensa
Active Young Democrats

Yaw Asante
Active Young Democrats

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