Businesses you can start in Obuasi

Every community has businesses that suit the people within it. Obuasi is made up of a large number of enlightened people who moves along with the fast moving pace of technology. I am presenting to you what I think are the top businesses that entrepreneurs can pump their money into. I will present to you one business every week and how it can be started.
Today we are looking at Events Planning and Organising.

Event Planning and Organising
Weddings, funerals, naming and birthday ceremonies will never cease to be celebrated. Weddings and funerals take place in the city almost every weekend and we can all admit that the headache of event owners is the planning and organising of their events.

Event planners and organisers can take almost all the tedious work that event owners had to do.
You can take up the planning and organising of weddings, excursions, workshops, birthday ceremonies, naming ceremonies, musical concerts, conferences and church programs.
You will not be planning and organising these events for yourself but rather for your customers and when you are done, you take your check or money.

Some church groups might want to embark on an excursion to other regions and you can take up that contract. On the D-day, they only need to come to the meeting point and a bus will be waiting to take them to all the places they paid for.

Event organising is a stressful job and you must expect that when you are thinking about the good money you might make.

How to start
One needs partners to be successful in this area especially if you are new or lacks the finances to start it from your own pocket. You can do away with your partners once you can provide all the services they provide on your own or by your own team.

One good thing about using partners is that it takes away part of the pressure and work from you. Since these partners are specialists in their areas, they already have supervisors and leaders who will see to it that the right thing is done.

Your partners must include providers of sound systems, chairs and canopy hiring services, Fashion and decoration, photography, car/bus hiring, catering services etc. Time sounds and Tormak Fashion and Deco are only a few partners I can suggest.

You must contact all of them, get their rates and prepare your own rates based on the services a customer might request. You need more than one partner in each category. You must have the contact of two or three hiring services. Sometimes you might get more than one contract a week or your partner might be engaged for a particular week so you need more options.

If a customer needs only a venue decoration and food for 100 guest with video coverage, you must know how much you will charge based on the figures you got from the individual partners.
Draft your services and rates and print it out into a nice booklet that can be given to customers to glance through and select their choice. Don’t make promises you cannot keep because the success of an event planning and organising business lies on referrals. One customer is happy with your services, he refers another person to you. Guide your integrity.

You can start from nothing and make it big. You only need a name, an office and partners to work with. So you only act as a supervisor of the various partners’ works.

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