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Dealing with your loud mouth

At junior high school, I started praying to God to heal my talkative nature. I realized I was always talking and that was my weakness because I ended up offending many people and at the long run, feeling so bad. But I realized the more I was saying this prayer, the more I was talking because that was me! I can’t do away with myself! I have to make myself better by turning my weakness into strength. Many people have been through my situation before and are still going through. They think doing away with ‘their selves’ is the best way of overcoming their weakness. What you call weakness is what has made someone famous and rich. God never gives you anything without a reason. Some were born quiet and you were born a talkative, that’s your temperament and you are meant to succeed with it. Your situation becomes your weakness if it always produces negative results.

Being a talkative may have serious negative implications if for example, you are a leader or aspiring to be one.  You may end up losing the trust of your followers if you also have a loose tongue which mostly easily comes along with your talkative nature. You will easily make friends but might easily lose them too. Your friends might not take you serious because you usually make jokes and create fun so they double-check whatever you say with a third person before they believe you. Some might even decide to ignore advice you give them if you always joke with everything. Talkatives are prone to make mistakes and give inaccurate facts or event narration.

Despite the above mentioned negative sides of being a talkative, there are a lot of opportunities out there for those who don’t mince words. Being a talkative always gets you at the front of everyone. You are always seen and you easily approach people when others are still thinking of how to do so. Talkatives might become very eloquent speakers and they know how to get the attention of audience when standing before them. Most people always want to be around people who will never make them feel bored and the talkative is that person.

Let’s look at 5 things you can do to turn your talkative nature into strength capable of pushing you to the front of the row.

  1. Talk when necessary

Talkertives usually exceed their borders and that’s when people do not take them serious. Talk when you have something to say but not because you have to say something. You could be the noisiest person in your workplace but people will always be willing to listen to you speak because whatever you say is necessary and intelligently arranged. That’s what makes Comedians loved by many people. They can crack jokes for hours and people will still sit to listen to them. If what you are saying is what people want to hear, then you are in business.

  1. Don’t joke with serious issues.

In many instances, Talkertives are seen as people who would talk about everything and joke with most things. Know when you have to talk business and when people need some noise around to ease their tension. The moment you play with two or three serious issues, you are seen as someone who never takes anything serious.

  1. Be a fun maker but not a joker

If your main intention for speaking is to make people laugh then you are a joker! Intermittently, one can decide to say something funny to make others laugh but if it becomes your habit then I am sorry to tell you, you have lost it!

  1. Never talk too much about yourself

Being a Talkertive means you speak more than the average person who likes talking in your team. If most of the talking is about you, then it could be considered by others as pride. Talk about politics, governance and sports. Talking much about yourself makes you vulnerable. Since you love to talk, you might say things which should not be said.

  1. Be a source of inspiration

You can be that one person at work or team who always has something nice to say about others. Encourage people more to aspire for greater things. Be the first to give a good compliment about the work of others and never speak much about people when they are not around, especially their negative sides.

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