Don’t lose hope; vote for NPP for better result – Dan Botwe

New Patriotic Party (NPP) 2016 Campaign Strategist and Member of Parliament for Okre Constituency in the Eastern Region, Hon. Dan Kweku Botwe has assured Ghanaians not to be unnecessarily worried that the results of this year’s elections would be tampered with resulting in their votes for the NPP not amounting to anything.

He wants Ghanaians to have the hope that whatever needs to be done to ensure that the outcome of the polls is a true reflection of the ballot cast, will be put in place.

“Ghanaians should have hope and they will not vote for us and see different results; as for that one, it won’t happen this year because of our measures on the ground. They should have the hope that if they spend their time to vote for us, their votes will be counted accurately and they can be assured of that”, he indicated on Okay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ Morning Show.

Speaking on the crunch meeting held by the party leadership in Kumasi recently, Dan Botwe held the view that God through the good of people of Ghana, will give NPP the mandate to govern the country.

The foundation of Georgia Hotel, venue of a strategic NPP meeting, was said to have nearly turned into a rally ground when the party’s flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo arrived.

Elated-looking NPP supporters were seen chanting his name in a loud tone and the NPP flag bearer responded with a wave of the hand.

Some of the party supporters, especially the women, stopped Nana Addo as he was about to enter the conference room, just to shake hands with him.

The crunch party meeting was held behind closed doors because according to sources, strategic plans for the upcoming elections were discussed.

Asked about the significance of the crunch meeting, the seasoned politician noted that “the meeting in Kumasi, organised by Chairman Wontumi, calling on board all former appointees and DCEs to join in the campaign, makes the 2016 election victory inevitable….

“…I told them that I remember 2000 electioneering campaign and how we worked hard even though people were not so sure we could win; but by God’s grace and the good people of Ghana, we won the election”

“Now I can sense the same thing happening now and even far better. We worked hard and we were never complacent and everything shows that Ghanaians have changed their minds and everything shows that Ghanaians will vote for the NPP. I am so certain of that”, he emphasized.

He maintained the party has deepened its hard work to the extent that the campaign team has decentralized its operations, by further reducing its zones to 16, to successfully get messages across.

“At times when the message comes from the top, it changes at the down level but this time, they have followed the message to the latter…and we are happy with the work of the party executives. All the former MPs from 2000 have joined the campaign with their teams; all of them are back in support of the zonal campaign as well as the former DCEs and other appointees to work together with the current officers”, he disclosed.

To him, “this is the spirit and it is a point so clear to me that God will answer the cry of his children in the 2016 election”.

“Let nobody think that because our battle-cry is the battle is the Lord’s so we have to relax;…no, we are still working hard and what happened in Kumasi demonstrate our efforts in the 2016 campaign…I saw the enthusiasm and discipline of the youth to work for the party to see victory and the same thing happened in Volta Region during the registration exercise…everything shows that God will honour the NPP in the 2016 election; the 2000 campaign spirit I saw has increased in the run-up to this year’s polls”.


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