Ghana Prisons Service Council Appeals for Funds.

The Ghana Prisons Service Council has rolled out an appeal for Fund for its Prison Reform program dubbed ‘Project Efiase’ which seeks to address the concerns of the Ghana Prisons Service especially Prison and Borstal inmates in all the Prisons stations across the country.
The Appeal for Fund which comes with the Akan phrase ‘kitiwa bia nsua’ literally means every penny counts is a way the Council is using to raise money for its 10 year strategic plan for the reforms of the Correctional centers in the Country.
De congestion of the various Prisons stations, and the need for other logistics for the Prisons Service.
The sixth Prisons Council has so far met most Ambassadors and High Commissioners in a bid to lay down their 10 year strategic plan which cannot be solely supported by the Government of Ghana.
The current Chairperson for the Council, Rev Dr. Stephen Y. Wengham with his team needs to be supported to make our correctional centers a home for change not a den to nurture more criminals.
The Prisons Service Council has set up various Bank Accounts to help citizens and well-wishers send in their quota to support the Prisons reforms.
1. To Send GHC1.00 to MTN, text PE to 9050.
2. Ecobank Ghana Limited (Ridge Branch)-0010084415563401.
3. Ecobank Ghana Limited (Royal Branch)-0210312745617.
UniBank Ghana Limited, World Trade Center (US$)-032022392513.
UniBank Ghana- Limited, World Trade Center (GHC)-2110123092519

The Council needs all hands on deck to achieve this dream that will do the country good.

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