Habitat for Humanity suspends operations in Ghana

Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. (“Habitat for Humanity” or “Habitat”) has positively affected the lives of families in more than 70 countries and territories around the world.

This is achieved in various ways, including having a physical presence in a country, partnering with international and local organizations, and providing support and guidance to community-based organizations addressing housing needs.

The model of Habitat for Humanity’s engagement in a country is based on a number of factors—the operating environment, housing needs, and potential for success through partnerships and local community support. In some cases, we have worked through national organizations with their own boards, as in the case of Ghana, as well as through other operating models.


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In an effort to focus Habitat’s limited resources where they can be most effective, Habitat for Humanity’s board of directors regularly reviews the financial and programmatic viability of Habitat’s work around the world. 

As a result of this review, Habitat for Humanity has decided that it can no longer support a Habitat program in Ghana, and consequently has ended all Habitat-sponsored housing programs and activities in Ghana, which to date have operated primarily through the organization Habitat for Humanity Ghana.

Please be aware that Habitat for Humanity is the exclusive owner of the name Habitat for Humanity.  It has withdrawn its permission for any organization to use the name Habitat for Humanity, or variations on those words, for any purpose in Ghana. 

This means that if an organization uses the name Habitat for Humanity, Habitat Ghana, or Habitat for Humanity Ghana, or claims to be acting on behalf of Habitat’s network of organizations, it is doing so against the instructions of, and without the permission of, Habitat for Humanity. 

Given that Habitat for Humanity is not supporting or approving any further activity in Ghana, any future requests you may receive in the name of Habitat for Humanity by any individual or organization —such as for donations, credit, or loan repayments—are misrepresentations by this individual or organization.


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Such requests are not in fact related to Habitat for Humanity’s charitable work and will not be used to benefit any actual charitable work of Habitat for Humanity, in Ghana or elsewhere.  Finally, Habitat for Humanity cannot be responsible for any activities or work that such an organization may choose to engage in. 


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