How to Cheer up Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend isn’t feeling happy or is going through a sad period, it is important that you take care of her as her mood can affect both of you. The bad mood phase will usually pass away if you know how to cheer up your girlfriend. There are many things you can do to make a girl smile again, but you need to remember that every girl is unique. The tricks that work on the others may not work for your girl.  

Figure Out What Is Wrong

The first thing you must do is to find out what’s wrong with her. Evaluate her situation and ask her the reason behind her sadness. If she says that everything is okay, tell her that you are here to support her whenever she needs you.

Listen Carefully and Understand Her Feelings

Be a patient listener when she pours her heart out to you. Giving her the chance to talk as much as she wants will definitely make her feel better. Women often become upset when people don’t listen to them, so be the listening ear for her pains and make her feel appreciated.

Give Her a Hug

Hugging your girlfriend is a great way to brighten her mood. How you should hug her depends on how intimate you two are and what the situation is. If she isn’t that upset or you two aren’t too intimate, a side hug would be sufficient. If you are extremely close or she’s going through an enormous problem, hug her hard so she feels the comfort.

Show Your Care

Showing her your love and care will make her feel how much you treasure her and this may instantly cheer her up. Tell her that you are by her side and won’t leave her. The feeling of love and security can largely reduce her pain.

Try Some Humor

Laughter is indeed the best medicine to lift her mood. You could sing funny songs in weird voices, mimic celebrities, crack up silly jokes, tell her funny and embarrassing stories about yourself and show her extremely hilarious YouTube videos. The point is to do anything silly, amusing or entertaining that would make her forget her worries and laugh openly. However, remember to keep her situation in mind and don’t make a joke about anything that would upset her or has association with her problem.

Distract Her from Her Problems

Another helpful trick of how to cheer up your girlfriend is to distract her mind from her issues. Take her out somewhere peaceful, go out for a dinner, go on a hiking trip together, reminisce about the amazing times you two have had together, talk about her happy memories with you, play games, go out for a movie or spend a romantic day together to divert her attention from her troubles.

Give Her a Small Gift

Give your girlfriend a small token of love to make her smile. Little presents such as flowers, box of chocolates, ice cream and a card that says “I love you” are great ideas to cheer up your girlfriend.

Plan a Special Date

Planning a special date for your girlfriend may take away her blues and make her day. Take her out for a romantic candlelight dinner, a great movie, a local theatre or a new place she hasn’t visited yet.

Do Cooking and House Chores

If you and your girlfriend live together and she’s the one who cooks mostly, give your love a break from all the cooking and household chores. Be the chef for a couple of days and try your best to make delicious meals for her. If you are not good at cooking at all, order some take-outs. Do the laundry, wash the dishes and clean around the house to give her some time to relax and ease the tension.

Go Shopping with Her

This last trick of how to cheer up your girlfriend works like magic. Asking her to go shopping can probably perk up her mood because most women love shopping. Drive her to the largest shopping mall and select bags and shoes with her. 


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