“Its pure envy, jealousy and evil…” DKB blasts Graphic Showbiz writer

One of the best Ghanaian comedians today, DKB, has revealed that it could be only envy, jealousy and evil that would make someone write a negative story about him and quote the former first lady of Ghana, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, as the one who made the statement.
Few months ago, a story was captured in the Graphic Showbiz with the title, “DKB is a Boring Comedian”. The quote was attributed to the former first lady. Speaking to Obuasitoday.com, the ace comedian revealed that the story costs him several shows, endorsement and contracts.
“I forgive her for making me lose many shows, endorsement contracts and countless gigs from her story leaving me broke & frustrated”, he said.
He even thought of giving up after the story was published.
“It’s just cos I’m tough, her story made me want to give up on this comedy career and use my BSc. Agric certificate.”
“The only wrong I did was to become a comedian to entertain my own people but I’m always treated like an enemy of the state and bad mouthed, even our armed robbers aren’t treated this way. When will this PhD from fellow Ghanaians stop so we can all push each other to be great?” He asked.
Commenting on her relationship with the former first lady, he heaped praises on Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.
“She is first of all mums, first lady and a leader, why will she come out to say “DKB is a boring comedian” just to destroy me?”
“How come that so called interview never came out?” He enquired.

DKB is currently the ambassador for Huawei, CompuGhana and Soccabet.
The popular comedian entreated the Graphic showbiz to put out positive stories about him as was done on Obuasitoday.com.
“Graphic showbiz should put this positive story “DKB delights Nana Konadu” on 75% of their Thursday edition front page like they did with the negative one but they won’t bcos it’s good news about DKB & it won’t sell”.

“The only question I have for her is, if I were your brother would you do that to me?”

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