Kwadwo Gyamfi Leaves Time FM for Aseda FM


A popular voice on Time FM morning show, Kwadwo Gyamfi has resigned from the station to join the newest addition to the radio stations in Obuasi, Aseda FM. The presenter who started from OFM in 2018 before joining Time FM officially submitted his resignation letter last week, according to our source.

Kwadwo Gyamfi is the first among others who are expected to leave the radio giant to join Aseda FM. The new station is expected to poach some key radio personalities from the various radio stations in Obuasi. Daasebre Kwadwo Antwi, Aboboyaa and Abusua are other presenters expected to join Aseda FM from Time FM in the coming days.

Aseda FM is located adjacent the Vodafone office in Obuasi operating under the Frequency Modulation 92.3 MHz.

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