New Nsuta JHS in bad state, Rains Prevent students from studying (Pics/Video)

The New Nsuta JHS was in the news in January this year when the wall of one of the classrooms collapsed and injured a student. Four months after this incident, the school has been neglected by authorities as students now study in unwalled classrooms.

New Nsuta school is one of the oldest schools in Obuasi and the buildings are gradually succumbing to the weather. This has made it necessary for regular maintenances at the school but authorities have been dragging their feet. On 22nd January 2021, the wall of one of the classrooms at the Junior high school collapsed, injuring a student who was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Two classrooms now have no walls due to the neglect. Students in their classrooms can see whatever is happening outside the classroom.

One out of the 9 classrooms at the JHS has a lock to prevent intruders from entering the classroom. Due to the collapsed walls of two of the classrooms, students are not able to study when it rains during the day. This has become a great concern for some teachers and students alike.  A mentally challenged person was spotted in one of the classrooms when our reporter visited the school.

Obuasi is widely known for gold production and issues of this nature make many wonder if the gold has really made the town better off or worse off. Obuasitoday promises to follow up on this issue and bring you more information.

Watch a video of the classrooms below


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