No MP can guarantee jobs – Philip Addison

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary nominee for the Klottey Korle constituency, lawyer Philip Addison, will not pander to his constituency with promises of jobs as he has reminded Ghanaians that parliamentarians cannot guarantee jobs.

Unemployment has been identified as one of the major concerns of the youth in the Klottey Korle, but speaking on Citi FM’s The Campaign Trail, Mr. Addison noted that, “people make those promises but you a parliamentarian, you cannot guarantee jobs. It has to come from the central government so you rely on the central government.”

Mr. Addison, who will face stiff opposition during the polls from the National Democratic Congress’  Dr Zanetor Rawlings, further explained that the MPs do not have the resources to guarantee development in their various constituencies.

“I cannot sit here, vying for Parliament saying that I am going to do this development project because we don’t have the resources. All that we get is the district common fund.”

Thus, he stressed the need for the electorate to support and vote for both the presidential and parliamentary candidates of the NPP.

“That is why when we are campaigning, we are campaigning that people should vote for the NPP, both the presidential and parliamentary because if they don’t and assuming I go to Parliament and it’s the NDC that is in power, that makes me very weak.”

“How can I make promises that I am going to do this or that when it is the NDC that is there. That is why they have to vote for the NPP government. When the NPP government is there, ideas will be shared and that is where the advocacy comes in, where you are better positioned to argue for your share of the cake,” Mr. Addison added.





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