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Obuasi Elections: Party Agents Clash at Obuasi East Voting Center.

Party agents for the Obuasi East New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) constituency, earlier today locked horns at the Obuasi East Special voting center when an argument on whether a voter who’s name appeared twice must be allowed to vote or not.

The female Teacher who came with her voters ID card was cleared to vote by the Biometric Verification Device, but the party agents and  Polling Station officer saw she had two pictures with different ID numbers in the register.


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) agents asked the Polling station officer to allow the woman vote since the Machine did not reject her for double registration;but this did not go down well with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) agents who thought the process was being manipulated.

The heated arguments, turned fist throwing  from both parties brought the election process to a 40 minutes halt. Officers of the Ghana Police and Fire Service with the help of some civilians separated the trio.

Woman votes.

The poor woman who believed her life was in danger pleaded with the security officers to leave since they were not ready to allow her vote

She was later advised by the distressed Polling Station officer to cast her vote since the machine confirmed her as a genuine voter.


The Municipal Police Commander and his men came to the scene to advise the party agents but no arrests were made.

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