MCE’s Bungalow Is Draining Assembly’s Coffers- PMC

An Obuasi based Pressure group, Progressive Movement for Change (P.M.C),is questioning the Obuasi Municipal Chief Executive,Mr. Richard Ofori Agyemang Boadi on when the official residence for the Municipal Chief Executives will be completed after it was started in 2007.

The group,in a press statement,registered their dissatisfaction towards the Obuasi Municipal Assembly (OMA) for spending too much on the building which has taken close to 9 years to complete.

“On about undue delay of the MCE’s bungalow especially the over payment made to the contractor. Hon. Members agreed that the assembly should report the issue to EOCO whiles management the state of the MCE’s Bungalow which was started in 2007 is still hanging in the balance, on April 4th and 5th 2012, minutes of the 4th General meeting of the first session of the Obuasi Municipal assembly, item 8.4 – “when the house wanted to know the status of the MCE bungalow, he informed the house that work was on progress earnestly, since the contractor was putting finishing touches on the project” In 2015 minutes “the house unanimously expressed displeasure ensuring that work on the block goes on”,the statement said.


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