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Obuasi Municipal Information Service Department lauds Obuasitoday.com.

“Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you’re at it”- Horace Greeley

The first thing I do every morning after a good night sleep is to check new stories on Facebook ,most importantly, check new stories from Obuasitoday.com...Over the one year of your existence, you have proven to be an authority in information delivery. Your detail reportage on matters affecting Obuasi make you stand out as the only News portal in Obuasi.
We in the Information Services Department of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly recognize your relentless efforts as partners in information delivery.

On countless occasions, the Municipal Chief Executive for Obuasi,Hon. Richard Ofori Agyeman has cause to reference your site for reliable news items about Obuasi..This alone confirms how authoritative you have been in only one year of existence..

It is our wish that you will continue to execute your mandate as partners in development by adhering strictly to the tenets of good journalism especially during the upcoming elections in a fortnight’s time.

As the head of the Information Services Department representing the public relations arm of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly, I wish you well in the ensuing years

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