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Minister of the Interior, Mr. Prosper D.K. Bani
The Agencies, Ministry of the Interior
The Presidency, Republic of Ghana, President John Mahama.

The innocent people of Obuasi (Ghana, West Africa) will be impacted by the complete shut-down of AngloGold Ashanti. AngloGold Ashanti provides employment to the majority of people in Obuasi and almost every business relies on the operations of the mining company. A total shut-down of AngloGold Ashanti will leave the good people of Obuasi with nothing other than illegal miners risking their lives. The laws and regulations in Obuasi will be at stake and lives at risk. The people of Obuasi are Ghanaians that need the nation’s full security prescribed by the Constitution for the people. Lives are being lost and more will be lost if the government and the Ministry of Interior and its agencies do not urgently respond to the situation in Obuasi.
We are calling on the government and the Minister of Interior to attend to the needs of the people in Obuasi. If AngloGold Ashanti doesn’t get the security to continue its operations and Small Scale Miners are not regulated by laws and regulations, what do you expect? Fear and threat will engulf the people of Obuasi. Logically, do we want legal entities that would pay their quotas to the Municipal or illegal miners whose revenue cannot be traced and make no contribution to the development of Obuasi.
The people of Obuasi are pleading for their constitutional rights and for the protection and maintenance of peace and order. Obuasi needs the security and peace that the Government of the Republic of Ghana has pledged its citizens.
OBUASI MUST NOT DIE in the hands of anyone who does not respect the laws, rules, regulations and the security forces. Let us choose lives over gold. Indeed, life is precious.

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Emmanuel Kwame Darko

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