Some iPhone XS and XS Max units refuse to charge until you wake them up


With iPhone XS and XS Max units making their way to more and more people, an unpleasant charging issue has come to light(ning?). Numerous users have reported on the Apple discussion boards that their phones wouldn’t automatically start charging when the Lightning cable is connected – in some cases a tap on the screen was needed to wake up the phone and start charging, others required an unplug-and-plug-back-in type of procedure. If you’re experiencing the same problem, MobileR may help you with their same-day repairs in all of Mount Pleasant.

Y U no charge?

We did try ourselves with the units we have at the office, but for better or worse ours charge just fine, both with the bundled charger and with the 29-watt Power Delivery fast charger.

Unbox Therapy‘s Lewis rounded up a handful of iPhone XS and XS Max units and put them to the test and indeed the bulk of them appeared to be affected. Meanwhile, his iPhone X didn’t exhibit the issue.

Apple’s yet to comment on this, but with #chargegate gaining momentum online (of course it is), perhaps a statement is inevitably coming. A wild speculation from our end says it’s an easy software fix to be rolled out with an update. Well, it better be, anyway.




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