Stoneboy Unseats Samini in Tamale as Dance Hall King


By Banzie Joseph.

The dance hall artiste formerly batman reign’s as the dance hall king came to an end on last Monday 12th September 2016 on the Salah day in Tamale.

According to an eyewitness, Nzemahene says the programme flopped as a result of low publicity but the organizers contracted one blogger who published that the programme was postponed due to a heavy downfall in order to cover up their shame.

Nzemahene added that, Samini’s reign as the dancehall king in Tamale is over.

‘’ You know one cannot reign as king forever, Samini use to be the boss of Tamale when it comes to dance hall but now stoneBwoy has over thrown the era of Samini. He is now the darling boy. Let me tell you the truth. Even Tamale prefer shatter Walle to Samini.’’ He revealed.

We saw the difference when stonebwoy performed in Tamale here two weeks before Samini’s programme.

Meanwhile the local champion in Tamale according to Nzemahene is called Fancy Gademe. Nzemahene also revealed that Gademe is the only artist who in the history of Tamale pulled crowd to the 20, 000 capacity Tamale sports stadium.

He shockingly concluded that not even the popular hip-hop artist Micheal Jackson can pulled crowd as compare to the local champion Fancy Gademe.



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