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AngloGold Ashanti Job Opportunity: Tailings Manager

The Tailings Manager will on behalf of the Processing Department offer technical support to the mine by leading his/her team to ensure the mine is compliant with the approved industry standard for TSF operations, maintenance and using monitoring tools to forecast the conditions and behaviour of the facilities. The incumbent will also be the liaison between the mine and other external stakeholders especially auditors and regulatory bodies supported by the necessary documentations.


  • Assess risks for all tasks and ensure they are controlled before and task execution.
  • Report all incidents and ensure they have been investigated and corrective actions completed on time.
  • Act on all corrective actions assigned to you or under your jurisdiction and ensure timely completion.
  • Ensure 100% Compliance to set OHS KPIs and ensure your direct reports also comply with same.
  • Contribute to the Processing Department target to achieve zero reportable environmental incidents, zero breaches and no events requiring public disclosure (DOS).
  • Utilise Analyse and Improve’ tools to investigate the dam’s structural behaviour. 
  • Reduce energy usage by running the plant energy consumption per unit produced at the optimal rate with sphere of influence (DO).
  • Contribute to the Processing Department’s objective to eliminate hydrocarbon and hyper saline water spills.
  • Using AGA’s How we Work guidelines, clearly define the roles and accountabilities of subordinates.
  • Support the recruitment and appointment of people to role in accordance with AGA policy and localisation objectives as directed by the Senior Manager Processing.
  • Support with the preparation and execution of training and development plans.
  • Communicate policies and procedures to stakeholders in a manner to achieve full understanding and compliance.
  • Provide guidance to direct reports in leadership techniques to achieve maximum performance.
  • Develop a skill matrix that includes all disciplines and individual achievements
  • Ensure direct reports provide all input up to date for the skill matrix.
  • Manage the activities of the TSF in compliance with AGA TSF management framework and GISTM.
  • Maintain Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) key performance indicators (KPI’s) including freeboard, pool distances and pool depth and adherence to the standard operating procedure (SOP) at the TSF.
  • Produce reports based on interpretation of daily, weekly and monthly monitoring information. 
  • Monitor the performance of the TSF, observe and report on effectiveness of maintenance of all TSFs
  • Inspect TSF infrastructures and provide feedback to the relevant stakeholders. 
  • Manage TSF operations and construction activities of contractors.
  • Maintain discipline and performance management among the members of the TSF crew.
  • Investigate all appropriate equipment related safety and environmental status and take prompt and appropriate corrective action.
  • Control and manage operational and construction budget.
  • Manage the construction of the tailings deposition systems including its operation within life of mine depositional requirements in line with legislative instrument (LI 2182). 
  • Be familiar with Legal Instruments (LI’s) and Codes as laid down by the Republic of Ghana and ensure compliance by his team.
  • Coordinate the execution of, and verify that, all Processing activities are executed in accordance with the conditions of State and Federal approvals, Public Environmental Review commitments, Mining Proposals, the Mines Safety and Inspection Act, Dangerous Goods Act and other statutory obligations including those identified in the Obligations Register which is developed and maintained by the Sustainability Department (DOS).
  • Provide appropriate training, coaching, and monitoring so that all contractors and consultants are aware of the relevant statutory requirement are adhered to during project execution.
  • Contribute to the annual Processing Department budget by preparing costed justifications for authorised brainstorming initiatives and integrate into the annual budget for the Metallurgy Department by September each year (DOS).
  • Develop and review and train his operating team on Standard Operating Procedures to execute all production task.
  • Conduct Risk Assessment task that may require them, properly explain each RA to his team before task is done and where SLAM is needed by his team, he/she must ensure that it is facilitated per the right protocols.
  • Oversee the Requests for Information (RFI) and Technical Query (TQ) process, review and approve appropriate technical and non-technical documentation.
  • Ensure all document processed during the shift are submitted to the appropriate repository for easy future reference.
  • Maintain meeting records, agreed actions, and follow up to ensure actions are completed.
  • Participate in formal cost and schedule reviews to support accurate and timely reporting.
  • Participate in all internal and external audits as required.
  • Coordinate the process related All TSFs pre-operational testing activities including functional testing, line tests, hydro testing, and wet commissioning.
  • Work with the contractors and vendors to ensure all tests and remedial works are satisfactorily completed and that the TSFs operates in accordance with the functional requirements.
  • Provide input into the preparation of ‘as built’ mark-ups for P&ID drawings (if altered during pre-operations and commissioning). Co-ordinate all ‘as built’ mark-up drawings for handover to AGAG document control team.
  • Inspect all refurbishment works to ensure works are delivered in accordance with applicable designs, specifications, and expectations.
  • Conduct oversight checks on all mechanical refurbishment works and testing regime to ensure quality and or performance is in line with obligations and expectations.
  • Proactively identify and manage change to avoid potential cost, schedule and quality issues.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil, Geotechnical/Geological Engineering or its equivalent.
  • Certified Engineer or Professional Engineer with Ghana Institution of Engineers


  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in operations, construction and management of Tailings Storage Facility.
  • Preferably 5 – 8 years in a management/ senior supervisory role 
  • TSF Commissioning Experience.
  • Experience and good understanding of total mining cycle. 
  • Proven experience in collaborating with the government and international regulators.

Technical Competencies

  • Knowledge in Management of plant performance and efficiency
  • Knowledge in Budgeting and Production scheduling
  • Stock management and control.
  • In depth understanding of Metallurgical Accounting 
  • Demonstrable knowledge of metallurgical processes such as, but not limited to, size reduction, flotation, leaching, desorption, tailings disposal and processing chemicals.

Leadership Competencies

  • Self-driven to achieve targets and improve the status quo.
  • Should not require direct supervision because this incumbent provides leadership especially after normal office hours
  • Must be Accountable
  • Must have Strong and proven decision-making skills.
  • Willingness to delegate
  • Must Demonstrate behaviors consistent with AGA values. 
  • Must have Strong interpersonal, communication and motivating skills

Interested Ghanaians with the above qualification and experience should submit their applications, with detailed CV.



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