TESTIMONY: No More Crutches!

I was called-in by the Doctors and the diagnoses was chronic back pain with severe sciatic pain. Permanently Disabled was my status. At least that’s what the world thinks. However I knew God could deliver me, if it was in His will.

So on Sept 1st 2012, I took part in an event called, “Spirit Fest 2012” where people from all over Stockton, Ca. came together to eat free food, listen to live Christian bands. I was there to help my brothers and sisters take care of the homeless.

So here is my testimony:
On September 1st 2012, I showed up to this great event. I was in so much pain, and was walking with a cane.
I was also complaining about having to walk so far, and that I was disappointed in them not providing easy parking, for helpers.

As all these were going on, I asked a brother if he would pray for me? He said, no your hearts not right, here is some water, sit down and shut up. He never spoke like that before, so I knew it wasn’t him. He told me that he will be back when I am right, and told me to relax.

It was about an hour or two that he came to me, and said, it is time. He helped me up out of my seat, and walked with me until we met up with two other men. The men moved around me until they formed a circle.

One man prayed for me and by the time he finished my cane became a staff!

I was so happy and excited to be pain free, that I told everyone what God had done. I then grabbed some food, and went to sit down and listen to the band that was playing. I then heard God say, it is time. Time meant help the homeless.

I walked over to the homeless trailers and asked what I can do, and that God healed me. I was instructed by another brother to hand the towels out to the homeless as they went to take a shower. I was honored. I had been disabled for 3 years. To do anything was a blessing.

I saw a man disinfect the showers before each use. Now God goes Big on showing me that I am healed. The man that was cleaning the shower was gone. I looked for him for a minute and realized I was that man now. I sprayed the shower and said okay God now I know I am healed, so you and I are going to bend down and wipe the whole shower from bottom to top.

I was thrilled that whereas I had planned to stay at the event for close to an hour or two, but after God healed me I was there for 5 hours!

After days had gone by. I took a test online for an electrician trainee. I scored a 97%.

That’s God, since I only knew about working as a Phone Tech. I showed up to work and realized no one had cell phones. I was like, how do I make contact with my supervisor, or lead man if I have a question? Then the Supervisor told me to walk. I was dumbfounded, since walking was 1.5 million square feet.

I was over weight a little and I walk fast. So I have to say, God helped strengthen my muscles and get lean.

I worked 6 months, and was ready for a change. I got a job with AT&T and I now believe it was for me, to show that I could climb telephone poles and go under houses. I always say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” it’s one of the Bible verses I love, along with proverbs 3: 5-6. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your paths.” 

That was the beginning of other great events that have taken place.

God bless you all.
In Christ your brother Dan.


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