The Bitterness of Ghana Politics by Sir Fred

Adjei Frederick is among the few bold change-makers and Youth Advocates that Africa can boast of, his advocacy has had more impact on many young people and has gained him a popular name as SIR FRED.
He has played a major role in world youth leadership over the years, currently serving as Global Goal Action Ambassador and Honourable youth member of Parliament for offinso South Constituency at the UNITED NATIONS YOUTH ASSOCIATION GHANA PARLIAMENT.

He has passed very key and vital information to all Ghanaian young men who are political ambience, activists.

Leadership is something cheerful and dearest to all responsible parents to cater and provide the needs of their wards to become future leaders which have already been installed in the minds of young people, growing up, our system has made it known to us that one cannot become a leader in governance without politics which carries out all the activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization for governance.

In 1992, Ghana started the practice of democratic system of government which clearly states and defined as a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives, many inclined people also defined it as “a system of brainstorming”.

In my early twenties I have come to realised that the word Politics and Democracy has turned to be an enemy to Ghanaian Politicians, how we understood the two words in our early school stage has totally changed and mean to be something different and impracticable.

In Ghana, Politics and Democracy has turned to be brutality with siblings of insults and gunshots described in Ghana as “Dirty Game” which is depleting the love and affection young people have in the game to emerge as leaders and occupy big positions in the future because they don’t want to indulge and engage themselves in politics by ending up insulting and killing their own friends and classmates.

We cannot also be described as Dirt in the “DIRTY GAME” if insults, gunshots and brutalities in Ghana Politics cannot be ceased then Ghana has no future.





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