United Cadres Front, a political pressure group with sympathies towards the ruling National Democratic Congress [NDC] has accused the opposition New Patriotic Party[NPP] of been in bed with some leaders of labour to champion series of industrial actions and demonstrations aimed at making the NDC unpopular.

Mr. Felix Komla Efanam Nyaku, the Secretary to the Interim Management Committee of the United Cadres Front who made this known at a news conference in Accra said they have veritable information and documents to the effect that NPP is bed with some leaders of labour. He however declined to mention names.

They way some labour leaders and organizations refused to obey constitutional procedures that stipulate the way to negotiate on labour matters according to him tells a lot about how diabolical and ill-intentioned such untoward acts are meant to achieve.

The Secretary to the Interim Management Committee of United Cadres Front was not happy that leadership of such labour unions embarked on industrial actions and demonstrations at the blind side of membership which he said they have consult before embarking on industrial actions and demonstrations.

Mr. Komla Efanam Nyaku cautioned the general public especially those who have jobs to do not to follow what he described as nation wreckers for political expediency. He took a swipe at NPP saying by their actions of destabilizing every move that would lead to sound electoral process towards peaceful elections this year, the NPP have lost the presidential election in advance.

He said the desperation of the NPP stems from the fact that losing the impending presidential election would not afford them the ministerial and other positions of state thus an attempt to derail the process.

The Secretary to the Interim Management Committee of United Cadres Front recalled a statement by a member of NPP after the 2012 defeat that, “what are we going to survive on for the four years”. He adds that this presupposes that they feed on politics without which they would go hungry.

Mr. Komla Efanam Nyaku said it is incumbent on members of the NDC that the battle ahead is not going to be an easy one revealing that its opponents would go at any length and hook on every conceivable straw not necessarily to win but to engage in anti-state activities to derail the electioneering processes.

He stated that ‘’we better avoid confrontation and provocation which are their major weapons. By holding onto the principles that made and still make us NDC, we will move away into the future and nobody can defeat us.”

Source: Adovor Nutifafa

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