Vessel of Honour Montessori School

 By Scribe Impressions.


When the decision of changing or sending your ward to a new school comes up, there’s one  key factor you should be thinking of as a 21st Century parent; that’s the values and the caliber of Teachers in the school you will be handing your son or daughter’s life to for the 8 or 9 hours the child will be spending at the school.

Residents of Obuasi who choose Vessel of Honour Montessori School as the learning center for their wards testify that, VOHMS is the citadel of private education in the Obuasi Municipality.


Vessel of Honour Montessori School is located in the most serene part of Obuasi, Gausu Extension. A first class residential area which stimulates sound teaching and learning environment that facilitates the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development of the child at all times.

With the recent missing of school kids, Vessel of Honour Montessori School have a 24 hour security at the entrance who screen visitors entering and leaving the school premises. The security of your ward is always guaranteed.

The serene location of the school still comes with moderate and affordable fees that cut across all spheres of people in the society.


Vessel of Honour Montessori School; stands out from the traditional educational pattern in our part of the World and develop the Child’s Natural Interest of which he will grow to become.

We at Vessel of Honour make sure we do our best to make the child feel special when in class and outside class and even exhibit traits of specialty among their age mates in different schools.

We chose ‘LET YOUR SHINE’ as our motto for nothing; because we believe in helping each royal of our school exhibit his or her natural traits given to by God.

  • Standard classrooms with modern classroom learning tools.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Child centeredness our aim.
  • Modern methods of Teaching.



The school is being managed by a retired Early Childhood Educationist with more than 35years of teaching and school management experience at different levels of the educational ladder.

Leading a team of professional teachers who have the wellbeing of children at heart, we assure you of a blissful start of your ward, assurance of an excellent Academic performance, Jolly Phonics and Super Child care.


We admit children from age one upwards and one nice thing is, our doors are always opened for new wards.


0233290951, 0501130793, 0272186467(Whatsapp connected), and 0249197880.


P.O. Box 869, Obuasi

Location; Gausu Extension (34D)




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