We Need More Men – Lt Col Eric Kojo Konadu

By Sgt Amoah Noel king – Reporter

The Commanding Officer, Lt Col Eric Kojo Konadu has pleaded for an increase in number of the Ghanaian troops currently serving under the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) to enable the Battalion effectively carry its mandate.

He said this when the Force Commander, Lt Gen Derrick Mbuyiselo Mgwebi and key Staff Officers from MONUSCO Force Headquarters in Goma on Monday, September 26, 2016 met at Western Brigade to deliberate on security and political situations in Kinshasa after the 19 – 20th September protest that ended in some fatalities and other properties burnt.

Lt Col Konadu said the uncertainties concerning the impending Presidential election and the recent protest was a wake-up call with regards to the number because Ghanbatt is the only formed Military Unit in the Western Sector where we have the Western Brigade.

He therefore appealed to the Force Commander for an increase in the number of Ghanaian troops serving in MONUSCO because Ghanbatt task had invariably increased astronomically.
Per the current memorandum of understanding (MOU) Ghanbatt was to provide only two (2) Companies in the AOR, notwithstanding, Ghanbatt have deployment in Incal Complex, FNMA, UTEX, N’Djili Airport, Kisangani Airport, Bangboka Camp, Amicongo Transit Camp and Lt Gen Bauma.

This according to CO makes it difficult to effectively and efficiently achieve the GHANBATT mandate which does not only include supporting the Government of the DRC to restore and maintain law and order, creating a condition of a stable environment, containing and reducing threats to civilians and providing safety to UN personnel and equipment.

The Force Commander, Lt Gen Derrick Mbuyiselo Mgwebi therefore promised the CO that plans was far ahead for the Charley Company at Kisangani to be redeployed to Kinshasa before if any consideration of any additional troops in the AOR.
A 2-day joint demonstration across the nation on 19 – 20th September, 2016 to ask President Kabila of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to organized election ended in fatalities including some Congolese National Police personnel with some houses also burnt to the ground.

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