10 Blogs You Never Knew Their Owners are in Obuasi!

Much is known of bloggers in Accra than of bloggers in Obuasi, even among internet users in Obuasi. If the same hype given out to the bloggers outside obuasi could be given to the few we have here in Obuasi, then it could help increase traffic to their websites and promote Obuasi to the world. Today, I am going to reveal ten blogs run by people in Obuasi aside the already known Obuasitoday.com.


Wundef.com is an entrepreneurship and leadership website started in 2017. It was initially known as wundengba.com after its founder and managing editor, Charles Wundengba. Later in the year, it was changed to wundef.com to make it easier for readers to search and visit the site.

Charles Wundengba lives in Obuasi and was recently adjudged among the Top 50 Bloggers in Ghana in 2018 by Avance Media. He was also nominated for the 2018 40under40 Ghana awards.

Website: wundef.com

Facebook: facebook.com/cswundengba

Twitter: twitter.com/cswundengba

Instagram: instagram.com/cwundengba



Ghansongs.com is an entertainment website. It mostly shares the latests songs in the entertainment industry ranging from hiplife to gospel. The founder of this website is Bright Dwomoh. Bright also runs a studio at Brahabebome in Obuasi. Ghanasongs.com’s facebook page has over 41,000 fans.

Website: Ghanasongs.com

Facebook: facebook.com/ghanasongs.org




Sindefeated.com is among the few websites in Ghana dedicated to the publishing of only Christian content. It was started by Charles Wundengba in 2016 and currently runs an online radio, Sindefeated Radio, which is available on their website and on TuneIn. The General Manager of sindefeated.com is Edmund Mensah, also in Obuasi. In 2017, their online radio was nominated for the Shine Awards best Christian online radio in Ghana.



Northernghana.net was started in 2015 by Charles Wundengba. Yes, Charles Wundengba again. The website provides the history, news and opinions of the three northern regions of Ghana. It has over 60,000 subscribers and is followed by more than 14,000 people on facebook.

Website: northernghana.net

facebook: facebook.com/northernghdotcom

twitter: twitter.com/northern_ghana



This is also another entertainment website providing exclusive news and stories from the entertainment world. The founder is George Nketia, known by many as Jarvis.

Jarvis is a computer programmer and celebrity blogger. His site features a lot of interviews with people in the entertainment terrain in Obuasi.

Website: GHplaylist.com

Facebook: facebook.com/ghplaylist


Healthinfogh.com is a health website providing information on safety measures, diseases and cure, Wellness and good dieting. It was launched few months ago and its founder is Charles Wundengba.

Website: healthinfogh.com

Facebook: facebook.com/healthinfogh



Sikakrom.com is also more of an entertainment website though it does publishes some political and general news. This site is was also created and managed by George Nketia, founder of Ghplaylist.com.

Website: Sikakrom.com

Facebook: facebook.com/sikakromgh



The newest to the lot is entertainmentbizgh.com. It is also an entertainment website publishing all the latest songs in the Ghanaian music industry. This website is run by Luigi Balduzzi. Luigi is a digital artist, graphic designer and a celebrity blogger.

Website: entertainmentbizgh.com

Facebook: facebook.com/entertainmentbizgh



Sikacoin.cc is a cryptocurrency website providing the latest news on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. It is one of the few websites in Ghana dedicated to cryptocurrencies news and education. Its founder is Charles Wundengba.

Website: sikacoin.cc

Facebook: facebook.com/sikacoin.cc



Weejaymuzik.com has been running for the past 2 years and it is also an entertainment website. The founder of the blog, Osei Ernest, popularly known as Real Pryme is in Obuasi, Mo Town. The blog has videos and mixtapes and some showbiz news.

Website: weejaymuzik.com

Facebook: facebook.com/weejaymuzik-dot-com

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You forgot about GHkwaku.com. We both went to St. Margaret at Pomposo


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