A.G.A.H.F. Partners with Project C.U.R.E. on Medical Equipment and sundry supplies

The Obuasi mine hospital, a facility solely owned by A.G.A (Ghana) for its operational health care service needs, which has also evolved over time to include members of the general public, is the largest medical facility in the Obuasi area and serves as referral center for all health facilities within Obuasi and its environs. The hospital plays an important role in the Ashanti region  medical system and has a proven track record in quality healthcare service and patient support.

Prior to AGAHF’s pledge to release quality health care service with integrity and professionalism, Partnership with Project-C.U.R.E. is set to benevolently acquire sophisticated medical equipment in terms of re-equipping the hospital.

Project-C.U.R.E. is an American-based N.G.O. with charitable mission to provide donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world. The organization operates distribution centers in Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, and Arizona that collects donations of excess medical supplies and previous generation equipment from USA hospitals and medical manufacturers. They work with hundreds of partners globally and match these valuable donations with healthcare facilities in severely resourced environments. It is reported that Project-CURE has touched the lives of patients, families, and children in more than 130 countries.

In 2015, A.G.A. Obuasi Mine, in its bid to provide quality health services to its employees and the  community, contacted Project-C.U.R.E. for a possible support of medical services in Obuasi. Consequently, Project-CURE agreed to provide medical supplies estimated to a total of $1m which include surgical procedure equipment and the medical ward equipment and supplies to enhance health care offerings to the Obuasi Community. The consignments would be shared equitably between the A.G.A Health Foundation and the Obuasi Government Hospital. A.G.A. Obuasi Mine has to date facilitated this process and handled all the costs associated with the logistics etc., including shipment costs of all the consignments.

The consignment with a commercial value of $500,000 that was handed over on 9th June, 2016 is for the AGAHF hospital and it includes equipment and supplies to set up and establish an intensive-care unit, support the existing recovery room, upgrade one of the existing operating theatres; and sundries for medical wards, laboratories and physiotherapy unit. This is  Part of AGAG’s contribution towards making a positive difference in our communities through quality health delivery.

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