Boete JHS ‘B’ emerges victorious at Maiden Obuasi East inter-schools Ghanaian language quiz competition.

In a bid to promote Ghanaian culture and language, the Obuasi East Education Directorate has organized an inter-school Ghanaian Language quiz competition for all schools in the district. The competition saw the participation of several schools, with the winners from the four education circuits in the district making it to the finals.

The finals of the competition featured Boete JHS ‘B’, Mampamhwe M/A JHS, St. Cyril Anglican JHS, and Tutuka M/A JHS. Each school presented two contestants and ten supporters, and certificates were given to all schools that participated in the competition, from the group stage to the finals.

The competition was keenly contested, with each school displaying a high level of proficiency in the Ghanaian language. The first round saw Boete JHS ‘B’ taking the lead with 21 marks, followed by Mampamhwe M/A JHS with 14 marks, St. Cyril Anglican JHS with 9 marks, and Tutuka M/A JHS with 6 marks.

In the second round, Boete JHS ‘B’ continued their winning streak, scoring 27 marks. St. Cyril Anglican JHS followed closely with 24 marks, while Mampamhwe M/A JHS and Tutuka M/A JHS both scored 18 marks each.

The third round was the most intense, as Boete JHS ‘B’ and Mampamhwe M/A JHS tied with 36 marks each, while St. Cyril Anglican JHS and Tutuka M/A JHS both scored 33 marks.

The final round saw Boete JHS ‘B’ emerging as the overall winner, with a total of 93 marks. Mampamhwe M/A JHS came in second with 77 marks, followed closely by St. Cyril Anglican JHS with 75 marks and Tutuka M/A JHS with 66 marks.

The Obuasi East District Chief Executive, Hon. Faustina Amissah graced the occasion and advised the students to take their studies seriously. She urged them to prioritize their education and to continue to participate in similar competitions, as it will enhance their learning and sharpen their skills for life.

Traditional leaders including the Boete Odikro were also present at the event.

Boete JHS ‘B’ received a trophy, cash, and books as their prize.

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