The vibrant youth activist in KNUST, Master Samuel Gyekye Mensah known as SUPREMO has again risen up strongly against the refusal of political parties to release their manifestos which has in them details of their policies.

Speaking to the campus based news network, INFOTEK, Master Samuel Gyekye Mensah complained bitterly that such action by the various political parties was a big insult to Ghanaians. “These politicians are indirectly informing the citizens of this nation that we are shallow minded and hence policies would not be a win factor in this upcoming elections.” He said. He further explained that release of manifesto at a time so ample before election date will make analysts review to know their worth and this is what the politicians are afraid of.

Master Samuel Gyekye Mensah said, “We are in a country where useless stuffs are considered more in election. The likes of insults, derogatories and funny sayings are things Ghanaians enjoy in politics. This must certainly change. Our intelligence and literacy must not be spat on by these politicians”

Explaining this claims, he added that the fact that others are refusing to bring out their manifestos should not cease you from doing so and excuses that it would be copied by others should not hold. Simply because two wrongs don’t make a right. If yours is ready spill it out for Ghanaians to see the worth in it and your competency.

He concluded by cautioning parties playing with the minds of the citizens to cease and rather get us comprehensive reasons why we should vest into them power.


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