Embrace Your Divine Uniqueness at The Fruitful Vine Ladies Conference

Empowering and inspiring young adults for divine influence and kingdom relevance, Young & Wise Global announces the return of the Fruitful Vine Ladies Conference (FVLC).

This spirit-filled conference is unfolding this weekend on Saturday, 7th & Sunday, 8th of October, and invites young ladies near and far to embark on a transformative journey aptly themed “UNBECOMING TO BECOME“.

Venture into a safe space where unresolved questions find answers, and internal battles find peace at the Hammond Temple, King’s Covenant Life Chapel, Obuasi – Nyameso, where divine energy, spiritual enlightenment, and self-love converge in harmony. With meticulously curated workshops, engaging talk shows, and spiritually uplifting conferences, the FVLC promises to be a sanctuary of healing, self-realization, and divine revelation.

Over the years, FVLC has emerged as a poignant space that explores vital topics like Identity, Healing your Self-esteem, Knowing your Worth, Beauty, and the transformative Queenology series, guiding participants through a transformative journey from “Knowing who you are” to embracing divine uniqueness. The team is divinely guided and entrusted to lead participants through challenges, ensuring they blossom into who God has envisioned them to be in Christ and the global expanse.

The conference endeavors to address the myriad of questions and challenges young adults often grapple with, offering resources, exercises, and open forums for an exciting, engaging, and enlightening experience. This lovingly crafted atmosphere encourages learning and growth, offering a non-judgmental space for every participant to freely explore their spiritual and emotional realms.

Graced by its Founder Rev. Abraham Hammond, hosted by the enlightening Mrs. Lorraine Dugyi, and with speakers such as Rev. Cynthia McCauley and Elizabeth Hammond, the conference promises a spiritual feast that will rekindle, revitalize, and resonate with your spirit, assuring a divine and life-changing experience.

All ladies within Obuasi and its environs are welcomed to be part of this divine narrative, to seek, find, and become. This isn’t merely a conference – it’s a story scripted by God, brought to you by Young & Wise Global.

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