Everything we know about Isha Ambani, the Indian heiress who got Beyoncé to perform at her wedding

  • Isha Ambani married Anand Piramal this week in a week full of lavish festivities.
  • Beyoncé performed at her pre-wedding festivities.
  • Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attended her wedding.
  • Isha Ambani’s father, Mukesh Ambani, is the chairman of Reliance Industries and the richest man in India, according to Forbes.

For most of us, the notion of hiring Beyonce to perform at a wedding is little more than a fever dream — but for Indian heiress Isha Ambani and her new husband Anand Piramal, it was simply a matter of course. The high-profile couple tied the knot Wednesday in a lavish ceremony in one of the most expensive mansions in the world, which also happens to double as the Ambani family home.

The wedding has been making headlines both for its extravagance and for its many celebrity guests, from Hillary Clinton to Priyanka Chopra to Ariana Huffington. Here’s everything we know about the 27-year-old heiress.

She is the daughter of India’s richest man

According to Forbes, Mukesh Ambani, Isha’s father, is the richest man in India. Moreover, as the chairman of the hugely influential Reliance Industries, he is ranked as the 19th richest man in the world with a net worth surpassing $40 billion.

She graduated from Yale and Stanford

Ambani is Ivy League-educated. The heiress attended earned an undergraduate degree from Yale in Psychology and South Asian Studies. She even reportedly gave her father the idea to launch Jio, India’s largest 4G network, while she was there. She then worked as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company before going on to earn her MBA from Stanford.

She’s one of Asia’s “Women to Watch”

Forbes named her one of Asia’s “Women to Watch” in 2015, and for good reason: Ambani is on the board of directors for India’s largest retailer. She’s also co-director for India’s largest 4G network, Reliance Jio.

She knows tons of celebrities

There’s a reason Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were spotted dancing at the extravagant nuptials. According to Reuters, the Clintons have known the Ambani family for nearly two decades.

Ambani is also close with Priyanka Chopra: she even stood beside the actress as she married Nick Jonas last week.

Her family home is one of the world’s most expensive properties

The Mumbai home Antilia was inspired by a mythical Atlantic island. It has a staff of 600, six floors of parking, and can withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. It also has 27 stories (each floor with a height of a two-story building) and three helipads and is estimated to be one of the world’s most expensive properties, second to Buckingham Palace.

Beyonce performed at her pre-wedding festivities

Finally, the most important thing of all: Beyonce performed a private concert at the couple’s pre-wedding festivities Sunday in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The pop icon reportedly sang “Crazy in Love,” “Naughty Girl,” and “Perfect” at Oberoi Udaivilas hotel — with multiple outfit changes.

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