Flood Disrupts School Attendance In Anwiam.

Most School Children at Anwiam, a suburb of Obuasi, in the Ashanti Region were absent from school yesterday after a heavy down pour on Monday.

The Community which is located behind the fenced AngloGold Ashanti Health Foundation use the old railway line as a short route to the Central Business District of Obuasi but the two hour rain on Monday evening flooded the path way.

Obuasitoday.com in its community watch routine, at Anwiam chanced upon school going children walking around and when asked why they were absent from school, a 13 year old had this to say

“I attend school at St. Joseph R/C and my brother too is at Padmore School, there’s too much water on the road, so we couldn’t go school”, he said.

Speaking to Mr. Kwame Appiah, a leading community member in Anwiam, on this issue, he also had this to say;

“We had promises from AGA and our Assembly woman to do something about the path, but nothing tangible have been done about it, two years ago”, he stressed.

According to him, school children were used to pass through the AGAHF premises but for some time now, the gate has been closed leaving the kids to use the railway line.

The ancient mining community is without a school, so school children have to trek more than 1and half kilometers to schools at Wawasi, Kwabrafoso, Tutuka and Ahansonyewodea.

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