Global Obuasi Citizens Association donates to Obuasi Frontline Health Workers

Global Obuasi Citizens Association (GOCA) has spent GHc17,000 to help provide lunch for Obuasi Frontline Health Workers. The project which started on Wednesday, 15th July 2020 at the Obuasi Government Hospital saw four health centres in Obuasi benefitting. The donation consisted of a packed lunch, soft drinks and water.

Four health centres got their share in the first phase of the exercise which included Obuasi Government hospital, Estate community clinic, Kunka Health centre and St. Jude Hospital. Pens and mugs with Global Obuasi Citizens Association’s thank you message to the health workers inscribed on them were also distributed to the health centres.

Richard Ellimah, the spokesperson for the organization, said the donation was their way of telling the health workers that they appreciate their contribution since the deadly coronavirus struck the country.

Richard Ellimah, spokesperson for Global Obuasi Citizens Association (LEFT) Dr. Kwadwo Nyarko-Jectey, Medical Superintendent at the Obuasi Government Hospital (RIGHT)

“Your services are critical and this is our own small way of saying, Thank you”, he said.

Dr. Kwadwo Nyarko-Jectey, the Medical Superintendent at the Obuasi Government Hospital, who received the donation on behalf of the Obuasi Government hospital said the donation couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Sometimes, our patients wouldn’t understand why they are in a queue to see us but we tell them we are going out to eat. We are humans and sometimes we wish to work but we must also eat”, he said.

“You have brought food us so that we wouldn’t need to leave our posts to go out and eat and we thank you for the kind gesture” he added.

The second phase of the donation will take place next week and the remaining hospitals and health centres in Obuasi will receive their donations.

Global Obuasi Citizens Association is an association of people who are in one way or the other related to Obuasi and would love to give back to the Obuasi community.

The group, at the early stages of the pandemic in Ghana, presented Teckytap hand washers and Personal Preventive Equipment (PPEs) to the Obuasi Municipal Health Directorate and the Ghana Police Service. Teckytap is a durable, portable handwashing station and a Water Sanitation and Hygiene intervention made in Ghana. Teckytap is operated by a pedal to dispense clean water during handwashing.

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