Historical: Obuasi leads KNUST School of Engineering with 4 Students elected Departmental Presidents.

Four engineering students namely Julius Boakye Kakra, Oscar Amponsah, Julius Owusu, and Joel Obeng Abu coming from Obuasi have assumed the position of departmental presidents in the engineering department of the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology(KNUST), Kumasi.

The school of engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology(KNUST) has its four departmental presidents all being students from Obuasi with Julius Boakye as the president of Metallurgical Engineering Department, Oscar Amponsah as the president of the Chemical Engineering Department, Julius Owusu as the president of the Petrochemical Engineering Department and Joel Obeng Abu as the president of the Geomatic Engineering Department.
This is the first time any group of students from one particular district, city or town to have achieved this feat. Speaking to Shaft Fm morning show host Justice Dzivon Mensah, a.k.a Ghanaba, master Oscar Amponsah said,
“Leadership is allowing yourself to be inducted into the school of servantary where you serve and serve unto your own greatness so we are here to deliver to our people and inspire the young up and coming students in Obuasi with our service because it is a good feeling to be coming from Obuasi and attaining such positions but it is challenging.”
The four students who were all born and bred in Obuasi had their basic and Junior High School education in Obuasi until when some of them went to SHS outside Obuasi. When quizzed whether they all decided to offer engineering with the aim of working with Anglogold Ashanti, the giant multinational mining company operating in Obuasi, they said, “Engineering goes beyond working in a mining company but also developing technologies to help solve a country’s developmental problems and we want to get to that stage with an Innovative Technology we have started and want to build into something bigger.”
Inspired by what they have been able to achieve, they intend coming together to mobilize all students from the Adansi enclave currently on the various campuses to see how best they can collaborate to drive the future developmental agenda.
Story by Angelina Appau

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