I Have No Hand In Adamso Galamsey Activities, Akrofuom DCE.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Akrofuom, Mr. Jonas Maurice Woode has debunked allegations linking him to galamsey activities going on at Adamso, a suburb of his district.
In the past weeks, galamsey activities have risen sharply in the length and breadth of the Akrofuom district, from Annorkrom forest to Kwaakyekrom and to the Adamso forest, residents could only point an accusing finger to the gatekeeper of the district, the DCE but he also has stated he has no idea of the act.

In an interview with shaft FM’s morning show, Mr. Maurice Woode said “It is quite unfortunate that everyone is accusing me of being involved in galamsey, I have served my people well and won’t betray them in the dying days of my first term in office.
“I know nothing about these galamsey activities, the only thing I heard was they were having a prospecting license but I learned they’re actually mining,” he said.
He also took the opportunity to advise the public to desist from accusing MMDCEs as most of them have little or no idea of issues going on in their respective jurisdictions. He said, small-scale mining lies in the bossom of the mineral commission and environmental protection agency (EPA) to regulate the activities of the miners and as such can give license to companies to mine without notifying the MMDCEs.
Nana Appiah, the Odikro of Adamso also told journalists in an interview that he is also not aware of the miners and have no hand in their activities even though a land directly opposite of his shop has been dug and mined by these galamseyers.
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