Illegal miners vandalize key equipment at AngloGold Ashanti’s Obuasi mine.

Citi Business News has gathered the invasion of illegal miners at AngloGold Ashanti’s Obuasi mine has led to the destruction of electrical installations at the underground mine. According to AngloGold Ashanti the development has affected the water treatment plant of the company.

Managing Director and General Manager of the Obuasi Mine Eric Asubongteng said ‘ the illegal miners continue to operate with impunity on the richest part of the ore body; we are at a loss to understand how a clear directive has been ignored.

This is compromising the safety and security of the mines resources and workforce as well as the viability of the Obuase mine. The right of foreign investors in Ghana and the benefits flowing to the community from it seem to be affected. We fear serious and lasting consequences if the situation is allowed to continue. This is because the electrical installations which support water treatment and supply has been vandalized by the illegal miners.

This has affected AGA’s ability to treat water and with the onset of the rains there is a possibility that this essential work will be compromised’.

Citi Business News understands with the onset of the rains, essential work will be compromised since the company cannot treat water due to the development. AngloGold Ashanti has been appealing to authorities for weeks to get security personnel to protect the concession after illegal miners took over the mine.

The mining firm earlier told Citi Business, military personnel detailed to the mining concession are only protecting only the shaft entrances to the underground mine and have stopped flashing out the illegal miners who have taken over the mine.

Speaking to Citi Business News Managing Director and General Manager of the Obuasi Mine Eric Asubongteng, said the mining firms confidence has been shaken by failure of authorities to protect their rights.

‘The presence of the illegal miners is making it impossible for us to manage the situation accordingly. It is crucial that the government of Ghana works with AngloGold Ashanti to resolve threats to the viability of Obuase and its contributions to the Ghanaian economy. As this will restore confidence of investors in the country’. He said.

Source:  Norvan Acquah – Hayford/citifmonline.com

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