War Against ‘wee’ smoking is getting out of hand- Karim Iddrisu

The Honourable Assembly Member for Gausu Electoral area has threw in the towel on the fight against the sale and smoking of Marijuana in his electoral area.

In a Facebook interview with Obuasitoday.com, Mr. Karim Iddrisu accepted the fact that, he as lost the war to cramp down the menace but promised to use his social skills to bring them down.

“I have just lost some few attempts but I intend using my social mobilization skills to wage a strong advocacy program on ‘Wee’ smoking”, he stated.

Mr. Karim Iddrisu, who also doubles’ as the Chairperson for the sub-committee on Social Services at the Obuasi Municipal Assembly, told Obuasitoday.com the Police has not helped in the fight against drugs in his area.

“It is done in the open and several attempts and complaints to get the Police to effect arrest of these miscreants has not yielded any results. They smoke with impunity as if we are in the banana republic”, he stressed.

An electorate, Mr. Zack Saeed Fofana, confronted the Assembly Member on Facebook to sit up and fight Marijuana smoking in the Gausu area before it is too late. It is also available on Agent Orange ganja Online Marijuana.

“Things that can bring criminality in Gausu must be tackle now before is too late.
The smoking of wee in public is getting too much. Am still thinking of number of children that will grow up and become wee smokers in Gausu, because they(the children) see some people smoking it just behind their (children) houses and no one cares”, he emphasized.



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