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Interdict Kumasi Rotary Park Top Staff – KMA Presiding Member

The Presiding Member for the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Hon. Abraham Boadi, affectionately called Opoman, has suggested that should the manager and the I T officer continues to be in office, investigations over the missing remote control for the rotary park fountain which is very costive can never be properly investigated.

According to the Presiding Member, the fountain alone is hovering over millions of Ghana Cedis including its remote control so how come it got missing and the manager and the I T officer are the only persons who know where it was been kept.

Though a formal complaint has been reported by the chief executive including some sub-committee conveners of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to the police but the outspoken presiding member is calling for the interdiction of the two officers to step aside so that proper investigation will be conducted.

Speaking to the New Crusading Guide and other media houses about the position of the assembly, he said, though the entire assembly has not decided on anything yet but he sees the act of conduct by the two officers as total sabotage because the manager according to Hon. Abraham Boadi is the former Mayor of Kumasi, Mr Kojo Bonsu’s nephew.

He revealed that per his source, the manager and the IT officer were the only people who were left behind on that faithful day the fountain remote got missing adding that they are also the only people who control it.

‘’But we are wondering how the remote that is so important can get missing since it is the one that is used to control the fountain”, the Presiding Member said. “The two should be held accountable for everything pertaining to the missing remote of the Kumasi Rotary park fountain.”

According to him, he has on several platforms before becoming the presiding member, advocated the sacking of these two officers because their dealings and movements per his sources from the first day Mr.Kojo Bonsu  was out from office as chief executive of Kumasi, means sabotage and a way to run the administration down.

He was of the view that he found it uninteresting that, the entire key positions at the Kumasi Rotary park are filled and occupied by cronies and families of Mr. Kojo Bonsu, a former chief executive of Kumasi and if these people continue to be there, what will happen to the chief executive, Mr.Osei Asibey Antwi?

“I’m not surprised the remote has gone missing because personally, I have sounded caution about these guys and even campaigned against  the cost of the rotary park which cost the assembly 4 million dollars instead of 4million Ghana Cedis proposed in our subsequent budget by the assembly.”

Mr. Abraham when asked about his general assessment on the Kumasi Rotary park indicated that, when the idea of the rotary park came to the house during the general assembly meeting, the house first proposed GHC2.9  in their 2013 /2014 budget and later added GHC 1.1million, but at the end the then chief executive of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Mr.Kojo Bonsu who was popularly called Ohemaaba informed the assembly that they have spent a little over 4million dollars which the house doesnt know how the cost was inflated. The issue is currently before EOCO.

He hinted that the assembly will soon go for a general meeting to state their position on the issues surrounding Kumasi Rotary park brouhaha.

The matter is with the Ashanti police command but the Presiding Member is calling for the interdiction of the two staffs so that proper investigation can be launched into the matter.

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