Lifestyle: Ten creative tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend

It’s really hard to admit when we’re wrong! We all make mistakes, but pride often comes before a fall and so we’d rather not have to say that we’re sorry.

Sometimes, we keep an argument going simply because we just don’t want to hold our hands up and confess the errors of our ways. But admitting you are wrong and apologising to your boyfriend shows a lot of maturity, and it helps to soothe arguments and prevent them from getting too far out of hand.

After all, we’re all the Kings and Queens of arguments when we’re in a relationship, but far too few of us are prepared to hold our hands up and defuse the situation by saying we’re sorry. If you want to apologise creatively to your boyfriend or husband, here are 10 top tips!

Ply him with food

You were wrong and you admit it. But now he’s in a huff because you’ve really upset him this time. Instead of talking to you, he’s playing on his Xbox and has told you not to disturb him until he’s killed all the zombies. The only way you’re going to be able to say sorry to him, this time, is by aiming for his stomach with some delightful food. Cooking him his favourite dish is a really cute way to say sorry. You could even put the icing on the cake by making him a fab desert, too.

Write a funny poem

This is another great tip on how to apologize to your boyfriend. It doesn’t even matter if he’s not the literary type because you’re not trying to be Shakespeare here. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not the literary type because the aim of the game is to win back his affection with a funny poem that expresses your admission of guilt. You could write a silly little haiku, or you could compose a funny limerick. It’s up to you, but the real trick might be finding a word that rhymes with “sorry” and isn’t “safari.” How about, um, Atari? You’re on your own. Sorry. Hey, it was you that did wrong in the first place!

Attack him playfully

You’ve said you’re sorry but he’s still not having it. He’s refusing to accept your apology and he still isn’t talking to you. You’ve really hurt his feeling this time and it looks as though you might have to give him a week to cool off. Or, you could play-attack him. You know, hug him until he relents. Or kiss him until he gives in and accepts your apology. If none of that works, try tickling him to death as you say, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” while he fights for his breath and wishes all this would just end.

Create a photo collage of you both

Another tip on how to apologize to your boyfriend is to gather together some of your old photos together (this might also involve printing some off) and then put them together on a piece of card before framing and hanging on your wall. Don’t forget to write “I’m Sorry” at the top of the piece of card! Then, when he returns home from work he won’t be able to do anything else but smile and welcome you into his arms.

Use your puppy dog eyes

Okay, it’s time to get your best puppy dog eyes. You know, the eyes you used when you were a kid to get something out of your parents. Yes, those ones! This is one of the most popular tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend. It’s really hard for any man not to look into his partners puppy eyes as she’s saying sorry to him and still refuse to accept the apology. You’ll melt his heart with those puppies and he won’t just be accepting your apology – he’ll also be making you dinner, buying you flowers and taking you on a weekend getaway. He just can’t bear the thought that saying sorry made you so sad.

Make him breakfast in bed

The best way to a man’s heart is via his stomach, so why not make him a healthy, nutritious breakfast that perks him up before work in the morning? Wake up early to put together his favourite foods and he’ll soon realise how sorry you are.

Use the internet

A really creative way of saying sorry is by using the Internet. Instead of apologising face-to-face like your parents had to do, why not make good use of a 20th century invention? You could make a fun video on YouTube that explains your mistakes before going into detail about everything you love about him. You could write a blog post that does the same, only this time you bullet-list everything you love about your man. You could create a humorous meme, or you could even make a piece of music if you’re up to it.

Buy an “I’m Sorry T-Shirt”

Another tip on how to apologize to your boyfriend is to buy An “I’m Sorry T-Shirt”. Yup, why not buy a tee that says “I’m Sorry” on the front and wear it around him all day? You could clean in it, cook in it, watch TV in it. He’ll eventually get the picture, of course, and he’ll find it really funny and cute even if he won’t admit this at first. To test how sorry you really are, he might ask you to wear the t-shirt outside, too. You’ll just have to suck it up and if he wants you both to pop round his parents, that’s just what you’ve got to do.

Write “I’m Sorry” everywhere

Buy some stick-it notes and then write “I’m sorry” on as many as you want. Then, head around the house sticking them everywhere. You can pop one on the fridge, inside the oven, on the shower head, on his pillow, and even on your belly. He’ll admire your work ethic and you’ll soon be putty in his hands again. And that thing you did? He’s forgotten all about that now.

Write it down on a chalkboard

Our final tip on how to apologize to your boyfriend is to buy a small chalkboard and write “I’m sorry, can we just erase everything that happened?” on it. Remember to leave the eraser next to the board so that they can erase the words themselves. Cute! How to apologize to your boyfriend? What are your best tips?

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