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Minister David Mills Charges President Akuffo Addo Over Big! State Designations

This is an open-source letter Minister David Mills–a top emerging HR & Leadership Consultant, posted on his facebook timeline yesterday on the 19th of March, following the gross 110 ministerial appointments by President Akuffo Addo. He defines it as….

“…a brutally hyped government that is cluttered with repetitions and needless overlapping” – He wrote.

We have made a repost of the opinionated letter written to the President by Minister David Mills. Take a good read.


I greet you Mr. President. I am a Ghanaian deeply passionate about leadership and governance issues. Armed with a human resources background, I am big on leaders leading people to deliver exceptional results. It appears to me we are on the same wavelength as far as this is concerned, at least judging by the audacity of vision you have shown three months into the job.

But I am saddened; saddened by the sharp contradiction between your change agenda and a brutally hyped government that is cluttered with repetitions and needless overlapping.

So earlier I told you about my HR background. Great! When I am consulting for companies on talent acquisition, I am particularly interested in a few things about the process: An Assessment centre that clearly defines a competency framework for the role, which is aligned to the company’s bigger picture. I look out for a CV that indicates previous experience in delivering results. When I meet the candidate, I look out for three things: energy, integrity and intelligence (IQ and EQ).

Mr. President, it is ridiculous and unfortunate that some of your appointees lacked basic skills as: attention to details, showed no enthusiasm and couldn’t even put together a CV. Isn’t that proof enough that, we are committing the destiny of a promising nation yet again into the hands of “incompetent” generals?

Now, to the size of your government. It is a big deal, Mr. President. And please, inform your Minister of Information that he is not a propagandist, he is a communicator and must be a skillful one at that. 110 is certainly BIG! Mr. President, why not do the needful? Why not reform the public sector, demand efficiency, effectiveness and accountability from its workers? If it requires firing, please let’s do it. We are a joke if as a country public sector wage bill alone consumes 70% of our revenue. Why not merge some ministries, departments and agencies and create synergies amongst them to deliver better results? Who is your HR Advisor, Mr. President? And the person told you that in order to deliver on your promise of building an entrepreneurial economy, you need 110 people, many of whom don’t even know how to write a CV or worse off, demonstrated unrepentant arrogance on national TV? I am not 30 yet, but trust me, I would have advised you better.

Mr. President, show leadership in these times. I hope you wouldn’t hesitate to fire many of the 110 appointees if they fail to deliver value to the people? Certainly, not GOVERNANCE AS USUAL!!! 



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