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MMDCE Appointments In Ashanti Region, A Recipe For Defeat For The NPP In The 2024 General Elections. – Public Interest Advocates

Following the recent release of the list of MMDCE’s in the region, Public Interest Advocates foresee a possible defeat for the NPP in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

The under performance of some MMDCE’s in the region caused the party to drop significant number of votes in the 2020 elections.

It is surprising that the Presidency and the party chose to maintain almost all municipal and district chief executives, whom most independent analysts cited as the main reason why the party dropped votes.

We believe the country was on “auto pilot” for the duration wasted since the Decentralisation system we practice was delayed and no major decisions were taken at the various district assemblies.

Again, Public Interest Advocates does not see the essence of the presidency delaying for almost a year before releasing a list which is not any different from the old list of MMDCE’s. We think it’s a waste of time and a set back for development at the local level.

Thank you.

Frank Aboagye Danyansah.
Executive director (0244470257)

Prince Takyi
Secretary (0245295854)

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