Obuasi Youth, Our future is Now!

By A Concerned Constituent of Obuasi East.
The journey isn’t perfect, but one thing we are sure of is that the purpose is building a business friendly environment which creates jobs for its constituents and has always been the hallmark…. It is about working with great and transparent minds like yourselves, endorsing utilitarianism approach, setting aside party sentiments and colour interest in placement of the welfare of the people.
That reminds me of the statement made by our renowned economist and an entrepreneur of our time, our president hopeful Dr. Papa Kwasi Nduom; he said and I quote ” Ghana’s problem today is not about communication. Its about economic independence and job creation.
We don’t need a talker but a doer and not a promiser’ but a deliverer”. Same must be considered at the constituency level to elect competent person to facilitate development. I challenge well respected bodies like Obuasitoday and other media houses to come together and organize a debate for all aspiring candidates for the people to know who among them is viable for the job.
There is no scintilla of doubt about FRANK ABOAGYE DANYANSAH, the parliamentary aspirant’s personality nor his policies that is not workable vying for the aforesaid position “Obuasi East member of Parliament”. My message to us is that, as we gear up for election 2016, lets NOT lose sight of the fact that the secret of the game is competent and workable policies and of course “the personality” irrespective of which party colour he or she is wearing.
That is why I respectively deplore you NOT to hesitate in lending your unflinching support for a tried, tested and proven young chap like Frank Aboagye Danyansah for the position of the Member of parliament come what may. Danyansah personifies experience in national development especially in working towards drastic reduction in the housing deficits facing Ghana, has also been part in the policy making of the land usage and estate developers bill on-
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