‘Pragya’ Driver Promises to Build Milo and Sugar Factories for Electorates if elected Assembly Member

Mr. Ernest Kofi Akorli, a tricycle driver, known affectionately as BƆ ABƐN, is making waves with his candidacy for the position of Assembly Member in the Kunka Electoral area of Obuasi.

Akorli is challenging the status quo with a series of ambitious promises that have turned heads and sparked conversations among the electorate.

Below are the things he said are his plans for Kunka Electoral Area

– One Sugar Factory for Kunka

– One Milo Factory for Kunka

– Dust-free Obuasi roads

– Massive Demonstration for construction of Mamriwa, Abem and Adasi roads

– Climate change issues

A Vision of Industrial and Environmental Revival

Akorli’s platform is built on a foundation of economic and environmental rejuvenation for Kunka. His promise of establishing a Sugar Factory and a Milo Factory in the area is a bold statement of intent, aimed at boosting local industry and employment.

He has also pledge to render Obuasi’s roads dust-free, addressing a long-standing concern for residents, promising a significant improvement in living conditions and health. This initiative also ties in with Akorli’s commitment to tackling climate change issues, recognizing the intrinsic link between local environmental policies and global ecological impacts.

Advocacy for Infrastructure and Community Action

Demonstrating a keen understanding of the power of collective action, Akorli has vowed to lead a massive demonstration advocating for the construction of roads in Mamriwa, Abem, and Adasi.

A Competitive Field

The race for the Assembly Member position is a competitive one, with five candidates in the fray, including the incumbent, Francis Appianin, and former Assembly member, Stephen Osei Kwame. Akorli’s entry into the race adds a dynamic layer to the election, challenging established political figures with his grassroots appeal and bold visions for Kunka.

A Community’s Decision

As the December 19th election approaches, the residents of Kunka are faced with a critical decision. Will they embrace Akorli’s ambitious vision for industrial growth, infrastructural development, and environmental stewardship, or will they opt for the experience of established political figures? The answer lies in the ballot, but one thing is clear: Ernest Kofi Akorli’s candidacy has undoubtedly energized the political discourse in Kunka.

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