Proper law needed to regulate campaigning in SHSs – MP

Proper law needed to regulate campaigning in SHSs – MP
Alexander Abban

The Vice-Chairperson of the Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Alexander Abban, wants a proper legislation to be passed to regulate campaigning in Senior High Schools in the country.

To him, the legislation will help forestall issues that arise when politicians take their campaigns to schools.

“I think that we must actually come out with proper regulations over these things so that it cut across everywhere. Because this business of when we are in government we decide anything and that it is good for us but it is bad for the other person and when the tables turn it’s the same thing and we keep making the same complaints, we won’t go anywhere,” he said on Citi TV/Citi FM‘s news analysis programme The Big Issue on Saturday.

GES against campaigning in schools

The Akufo-Addo government has been criticized by a section of Ghanaians especially members from the opposition National Democratic Congress because the headmaster of the Tempane Senior High in the Upper East Region, Dominic Ndegu Amolale was suspended because he allowed a member of the NDC, Joshua Akamba, to campaign at the premises of the school.

Mr. Akamba, an aspiring National Organizer for the NDC, had been accused of inciting students of the Tempane SHS against president Akufo-Addo and his government.

Following the development, the Ghana Education Service (GES) issued a strong warning to political parties to refrain from campaigning in the various secondary schools.

“Management of GES condemns such acts and wishes to bring to the attention of the general public, especially political activists that the Ghana Education Service is a non-political state agency with the key responsibility of implementing pre-tertiary educational policy of the country and wishes to remain as such,” a statement from GES added.

Mahama on campaigning in schools

Despite warnings issued by the Ghana Education Service, the

Former President, John Mahama had earlier slammed government over the development describing the NPP as being intolerant.

He also challenged the NPP government to arrest him or any other member of the NDC if they campaign in schools.

“…the point is if we want, all of us can go to the school, come and arrest me. Do something about the condition in the school and stop intimidating headmasters and inviting political opponents for investigations,” he added.

By: Bervelyn Longdon/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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