Reconsider Your Position On JCR And Hall Weeks – KNUST Administration Told

For some weeks now, there seem to be an uproar between students and the school’s management over variety of matters which in retrospect has created a lot of negative impacts not only on the student body but has gone a long way to affect the integrity and the sole image of KNUST.

I applaud the school administration/management over the years, for their consistency and competence in ensuring that KNUST becomes one of the best universities in West Africa and beyond. In this, they have really made the school a very prominent one.

It is however unfortunate, hearing the school Management’s verdict on JCR in line to the recent impasse between Unity and University Halls. Regardless of the fact that the university management has served in the interest of the students, I find this very verdict a very harsh judgement.

The university management through the registrar issued in their communique dated 26th of this month; a statement abolishing the Junior Common Room [ JCR] system of hall management by students. The verdict, though geared at bringing peace and restoring order in the school, may go a long way to affect the rights of the student populace.

This action does not only infringe upon the right and freedom of the students; depriving them of the right to be voted for but also imposes another limitation on the students’ right and freedom to exercise their Franchise.

From my perspective, I think it will be more appropriate if committees are set to investigate into such chaos and ill conduct to fetch out the key initiators of this whole brouhaha and necessary sanctions on the culprits meted impartially than imposing a whole inflicting sanctions on the entire student body for such a misconduct.

As we seek for peace and order, let’s not also forget that the voice of the ordinary student matters and that placing a restriction on their rights may go along way to affect the students and bring the image of the school into disrepute. I will also use this slim opportunity to echo words of sympathy with each and every single student, who during this process has incurred any injury or loss.

To all those who have lost valuable assets and property, I express my sincerest sympathy to you and encourage you all to stay put as we push forward for justice and continuation of the school’s development

A Concerned Student.

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