Sikapa FM 100.5 Joins The Obuasi Airwaves.

As Sikapa FM 100.5 FM steps in as the new radio station in the  Obuasi Municipality, adding up to the existent 3 stations airing in the municipality, the new station will be faced with an undaunting task of engineering a positive transformation of the society, to inspire leadership and to be of good credible service to the Obuasi community by giving back to the community from time to time.

In Sikapa FM’s case, if the station goes through its liaison inauguration, a challenge of anticipation will be thrown out to the already existing 3, with a guess presumption of new lively programs and talk-shows, that may sweep off listeners to their advantage. The fear of presenting better appealing bids to poach some of the best presenters and radio gems from the other existing radio stations who may least afford the instance to lose any of their personal best, to the advantage of another valued station.

This issue is also not alien to the principal targets; thus the valued listeners who expect more than an average deem of service in excellence, influencing economic growth and elevating employment opportunities. The new station, Sikapa FM must now unify a fractured Obuasi Municipality that is facing an upheaval on sustainable development in recent times in which fear and uncertainty are more common than trust and inspiration.
As the name of the station ‘Sikapa’ may sound to our ears, it literally speaks a brand that aims to enrich mineral wealth through radio broadcasting as that stands to be the cradle of Obuasi’s national recognition.

Economic recognition

Almost everyone knows the importance of economic values to the community. the problem is, most radio stations don’t properly articulate a people’s vision that can raise the influx of necessary measures to increase economic growth in the Obuasi community.

“Unity”, “growth”, or a “brighter future” are not economic visions. nor is some financial target to be heaped in the pockets of obuasi’s inhabitants by the year 2020. The latter is a goal, the former is nothing more than abstract pabulum. Nice words for sure, but it is not economic vision and it will not inspire action.

Its either they invest focus to executing the station’s personal plans adding up to the numbers, or will direct attention seeking actions to be an authoritative voice that works a concise vision to make the better economic world Obuasi needs, a reality. Management  of Sikapa FM has an opportunity to review protracted hard times of the community’s mining industry, the split barricade that has out-doored small-scale miners into claiming their rights in violent riots and the low engagement and cooperation or strained trust in the leaders of Obuasi. In reaction the station’s management need to do it quickly in order to earn the trust from the people on both sides of the divide.

Poaching Threats

A recent social comment I read on facebook about this new station’s inception as the 4th, adding up to the existing 3 namely Shaft FM 98.1, Time FM 96.9 and O FM creates great fear of a poaching spree, anticipated to hit some radio stations.

Editor for Emmanuel Agyemfra Boateng expressed his rare surprise if it happens on Prince Aboagye’s post when he asked how the poaching will be done. “….but wouldn’t advise the new radio’s management to poach any core presenter or journalist from the Obuasi 3”. “i personally want new voices who will come and intensify competition” – he exclaimed.

I am no stranger to this consent since we look up to expect fresh versatility and a whole new experience that will challenge the status-quo.

Employment Opportunities

Once the station’s credibility is clear, an effective valued radio station we hope it becomes, must ask those who believe in the success of the obuasi community to hop in to help advance towards development. Government and political fronts aren’t strong enough to advance entire growth.

The responsibility of Sikapa FM should be to become a voice that reminds us where we’re heading, clear a path, address flaws and clarify checks and balances. It gives everyone, including other radio stations a feeling they are contributing to something larger than themselves.

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